Mature Makeup Monday

So I am not 100% sure if I am going to make #MatureMakeupMonday a weekly thing. But I loved doing this beautiful woman’s makeup. Some of the tips I have realized while working on mature skin is: 1. Moisturize, let that dry. 2. Use a primer that suits your skin. 3. Foundation. 4. Translucent powder. 5. Setting spray.

That order seems to work the best, some people prefer using powder foundation, but I’ve realized that can cake sometimes and get creased in fine lines. I had my client mosturize with what she usually uses, so I’m not sure what that was. I also used Elf primer, Olay foundation, Elf bronzer, Wet n’ Wild translucent powder, Ofra cosmetics’ blush, and Urban Decay Allnighter setting spray. My client loved how good it looked after the wedding she attended. Don’t forget that sometimes great makeup gems, are in drugstore brands!

Neutral Shadow… Goes with Everything.

Seatbelts. Saving lives and ruining selfies. P.S. I was not driving.

So, I normally only post total glam pictures. But for this blog post, and maybe the next 1 or 2, I decided to hang up my false eyelashes. I also decided to go very natural on the lips. A neutral eyeshadow is always a great go-to. Browns work very well on most eye colors. I have green eyes, and I figured out I personally prefer neutrals for an easy day time look. I love adding purple in there as well. My absolutely FAVORITE neutral eyeshadow pallet is by L.A Girl. Actually, I love the pallet so much that I also got L.A Girl pallets in purple and neon. One big tip I have to say about doing a neutral eye is make sure you use a matte shadow in your crease. It doesn’t reflect the light, therefore making your crease look cleaner, deeper, and more defined. Also please blend it out. Another nice thing about doing a neutral eye during the day, is that all you have to do is throw on some lipstick and you’re ready for the night. Sidenote, I’ve been getting requests for starting a YouTube channel and I want to know your thoughts on it. As always, Love and lipstick to all my babes out there, from me, Moxie 💋

Tired Eyes? Do a Fun Lip!

Ever have those days where you wake up and figure out that your tired eyes are not going to be fixed with simple makeup. But you don’t have time to do something elaborated to get rid of the under eye circles. One of my favorite things to do when thag happens is play up my lips! I’ll use light eye makeup (don’t forget concearler under the eyes! My favorite is color correcting concealer) and stick with mostly nudes then… Bam! Big smack of color. By using a bold lipsticks it automatically draws attention to your lips… Which should help keep attention away from how tired your eyes are. I love using red lipstick because it’s a classic. However, if you aren’t comfortable with red there are several different options, pinks, dark marroons, purples, oranges, greens, blues, blacks… It’s all how comfortable you are. I am comfortable with most colors, speaking of which, keep an eye out for my article coming up on ombre lips. I do have to say this. If you decide to go for a bold lip I suggest using a scrub (if you have time) and make sure your lips are moisturized. Also, if you are going to be gone for a long period of time, I suggest liquid lipsticks. I’m wearing one by the brand Ciate, which is a UK brand, in the picture. I also love NYX Liquid Suede and Lingerie lines, Meet Matte Huges by The Balm, Colourpop, and Madly Matte by Kleancolor. I will be trying one from Tarte which I am excited about and will let you know how it goes. As always please leave feedback in the comments. I would love to hear ways on how I can improve my blog to suit your wants.

Loveand lipstick to my babes out there. From me, Moxie Monroe 💋

Pink Eyeshadow: Fashion Crime or Full of Fun?

So I once let my 5 year old niece pick out my eyeshadow. Of course she picked pink and I made the dreaded “Ugh pink eyeshadow” face. However after I got started I realized how much I loved it! It may have brought me back to highschool but now it looks much better. The key is finding the RIGHT pink. Pink usually looks awful… Or amazing. Rarely is there an inbetween. I used my Profusion matte pallete. It has so many amazing colors, and it’s very reasonably priced. Just remember to find the right color for your skin. I have to go with a deeper pink, so that way it doesn’t make me look tired and it also doesn’t wash out my natural coloring. I hope you enjoy. Ask any questions in the comments, I’ll be glad to answer!                                 ~Love and Lipstick to all.                my babes out there.                        From me, Moxie. 💋

Let’s Talk Lashes (falsies)

Oh dear lashes why are you so short? So straight? Duh. It’s because I’m a natural blonde, so even if my lashes were long you wouldn’t be able to tell unless I drenched them in mascara. But when I first discovered falsies I was hooked. My favorite falsies brands I’ve used is Ardell and Eyelure. I get mine from Ulta! I especially love Ardell’s glamour lashes (pictured here) cause they literally have made dreams come true. My BIGGEST tip for correctly using falsies is to use them in order. You use eyeliner and mascara first then you lightly place glue on the line. I definitely prefer clear glue. And the you hold it 15-30 seconds until the glue gets tacky, while this is happening im usually rolling them back and forth to add flexability. Take some tweezers, use those to apply and Voila! You’re done!img_20161127_083001

Tips for All Dark Lipsticks

img_20161202_113727So Thanksgiving has passed and we are looking forward to Christmas and new years. But the question is, how to look festive but not tacky…the answer is dark lips! I also love the colors of maroon, gold, and green together so this is by far one of my favorite looks for this holiday season! Now here is the think about a dramatic lip. It brings all attention, which isn’t necessarily bad, to your lips. If you don’t clean up hairs around your mouth it can make for an…interesting… Look. I mean if that’s your thing, all power to you. But one of the worst mistakes is by far not exfoliating and not MOISTURIZING! Our lips age fast so the best way to keep them young is moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing! When you have dry lips your dark lipstick will get in the dry skin and make for a difficult removal. Not to mention making your lips look shriveled. So here’s the order I like to do as a general rule of thumb.

  1. Clean Up any Lip Hairs: They’re 4 main ways to remove facial hair on women. Their is an epilator (ouch,) hair removal creams like nair that are painless, threading which is an inexpensive way to keep everything in check but have a medium amount of pain and finally waxing (ouch, ouch, ouch!)
  2. Exfoliate; whether you use a diy scrub, a $50 scrub, or my favorite, the Elf Cosmetic’s Lip Exfoliater. It’s so convenient. It looks like a lipstick but is leaves just enough scrub to make your lips so smooth. Plus it tastes like brown sugar. Smells good too!
  3. Moisturize: I always encourage my clients and friends to apply SPF chapstick on the regular. You can even use coconut oil as it has a natural SPF of 10. Check out your local health store and there will be tons of natural options!
  4. Dress Your Lips: Make sure you don’t use to much gloss/chapstick otherwise your lipstick will come off easier. P.S if you’re still use lipsticks, and not liquid lipsticks, you’re missing out as far as the “slay and stay all day” factor it rocks. I love non-liquid lipsticks if I want more mositure but reapplying all day is tiring.

I hope your lips will enjoy the royal treatment and have awesome decor. Ask me any questions as all.

Love and lipstick to all my babes out there from me, Moxie. 💋


That Glo Though: How to Get a Glo on Pale Skin.

That Glo Though: How to Get a Glo On Pale SkinHello my fellow pale ladies. I’m sure you all have come to the conclusion that getting a glow on pale skin is nearly impossible. But I have discovered a way using inexpensive products! First I put on my drugstore brand moisturizer with SPF on, then comes my NYX Born to Glow primer, third is my Too Faced Born This Way foundation which is pricey but well worth it, then my favorite contour/highlight trio by NYX, follow that up by Elf bronzer to deepen your contour, finally top it all off with Colourpop highlighter and set with powder. First time I’ve gotten a glow for a good price! P.S the colors I used were: foundation in Snow, contour/highlight trio in Light, and highlighter in Smoke n’ Whistles Any questions? As always, I’m more than willing to answer any Qs.

The Debate of Lipliner

img_20160910_112308Ok, so today I’m going to tell you one of my favorite hacks. So, as many of you know I own probably 100 lipsticks. I can’t afford lip liner for each one. So my hack is take a bobby pin and stretch it out so each end has a plastic piece on it. Whew, that was the hard part (atleast I think I’m funny.)  now all you have to do is dip one end in your favorite lipstick and line your lips! It’s as simple as that! Any questions? I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the comments. Happy Lining!

Tips, Tricks, all about Lips


So. One of my favorite things in this world is lipstick. So, for this blog I’ll be reviewing lots of them! I also like to rate lipsticks on a 1-10 scale for “stay and slay all day” and heads up, unless requested I will not use traditional lipsticks. I’ll use liquid lipsticks. Here is my first review.

Brand: Madley Matte by                                                 Kleancolor.

Stay and slay all day scale: 7

I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! It’s moisturizing for the most part. Glides on easy, is very pigmented, and drum roll please… IT’S ONLY $1. Yep you can each Madley Matte liquid to matte lipstick for just $1. Shipping is $1 also so for just $2 you can get good liquid to matte lipsticks. Some of their colors do go on streaky but I love this orange! One annoying thing is they don’t have a name on the actual lipstick, they just have it on the wrapping and a number on the tube. So, unfortunately I can’t tell you which color this is. I will tell you that it’s the only orange they have. Also, I can tell you where you can buy them at! You can purchase them at or by going to kleancolor’s website! I wish it stayed a little longer but it beats the heck out of traditional drugstore lipstick. You should give it a try!




Hello World!

Welcome to Makeup with me, Moxie. I am a self-taught makeup artist that is continually learning. On this blog I will review products, post my favorite DIY skincare products, show you the very best dupes for expensive makeup, my favorite makeup looks, and, of course, the most useful tricks, tips, and hacks. Please join me on this wonderful journey of getting to do and learn about something that is my passion. I promise it won’t be boring! Hope you hop on the MakeupwithMoxie wagon with me!