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So. One of my favorite things in this world is lipstick. So, for this blog I’ll be reviewing lots of them! I also like to rate lipsticks on a 1-10 scale for “stay and slay all day” and heads up, unless requested I will not use traditional lipsticks. I’ll use liquid lipsticks. Here is my first review.

Brand: Madley Matte by                                                 Kleancolor.

Stay and slay all day scale: 7

I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! It’s moisturizing for the most part. Glides on easy, is very pigmented, and drum roll please… IT’S ONLY $1. Yep you can each Madley Matte liquid to matte lipstick for just $1. Shipping is $1 also so for just $2 you can get good liquid to matte lipsticks. Some of their colors do go on streaky but I love this orange! One annoying thing is they don’t have a name on the actual lipstick, they just have it on the wrapping and a number on the tube. So, unfortunately I can’t tell you which color this is. I will tell you that it’s the only orange they have. Also, I can tell you where you can buy them at! You can purchase them at or by going to kleancolor’s website! I wish it stayed a little longer but it beats the heck out of traditional drugstore lipstick. You should give it a try!




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Hello! My name is Moxie. I live up to my name by having just that, Moxie. I am a self-taught makeup artist that is continually learning! I refer to myself as a tomboy makeup artist. Makeup is my passion and I hope you join me on this journey. It will be one full of learning, teaching, love, failure, triumphs, and of course my favorite makeup looks, the very best dupes, hacks, tips, tricks, and all things lips!

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