Let’s Talk Lashes (falsies)

Oh dear lashes why are you so short? So straight? Duh. It’s because I’m a natural blonde, so even if my lashes were long you wouldn’t be able to tell unless I drenched them in mascara. But when I first discovered falsies I was hooked. My favorite falsies brands I’ve used is Ardell and Eyelure. I get mine from Ulta! I especially love Ardell’s glamour lashes (pictured here) cause they literally have made dreams come true. My BIGGEST tip for correctly using falsies is to use them in order. You use eyeliner and mascara first then you lightly place glue on the line. I definitely prefer clear glue. And the you hold it 15-30 seconds until the glue gets tacky, while this is happening im usually rolling them back and forth to add flexability. Take some tweezers, use those to apply and Voila! You’re done!img_20161127_083001

Tips for All Dark Lipsticks

img_20161202_113727So Thanksgiving has passed and we are looking forward to Christmas and new years. But the question is, how to look festive but not tacky…the answer is dark lips! I also love the colors of maroon, gold, and green together so this is by far one of my favorite looks for this holiday season! Now here is the think about a dramatic lip. It brings all attention, which isn’t necessarily bad, to your lips. If you don’t clean up hairs around your mouth it can make for an…interesting… Look. I mean if that’s your thing, all power to you. But one of the worst mistakes is by far not exfoliating and not MOISTURIZING! Our lips age fast so the best way to keep them young is moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing! When you have dry lips your dark lipstick will get in the dry skin and make for a difficult removal. Not to mention making your lips look shriveled. So here’s the order I like to do as a general rule of thumb.

  1. Clean Up any Lip Hairs: They’re 4 main ways to remove facial hair on women. Their is an epilator (ouch,) hair removal creams like nair that are painless, threading which is an inexpensive way to keep everything in check but have a medium amount of pain and finally waxing (ouch, ouch, ouch!)
  2. Exfoliate; whether you use a diy scrub, a $50 scrub, or my favorite, the Elf Cosmetic’s Lip Exfoliater. It’s so convenient. It looks like a lipstick but is leaves just enough scrub to make your lips so smooth. Plus it tastes like brown sugar. Smells good too!
  3. Moisturize: I always encourage my clients and friends to apply SPF chapstick on the regular. You can even use coconut oil as it has a natural SPF of 10. Check out your local health store and there will be tons of natural options!
  4. Dress Your Lips: Make sure you don’t use to much gloss/chapstick otherwise your lipstick will come off easier. P.S if you’re still use lipsticks, and not liquid lipsticks, you’re missing out as far as the “slay and stay all day” factor it rocks. I love non-liquid lipsticks if I want more mositure but reapplying all day is tiring.

I hope your lips will enjoy the royal treatment and have awesome decor. Ask me any questions as all.

Love and lipstick to all my babes out there from me, Moxie. 💋