Let’s Talk Lashes (falsies)

Oh dear lashes why are you so short? So straight? Duh. It’s because I’m a natural blonde, so even if my lashes were long you wouldn’t be able to tell unless I drenched them in mascara. But when I first discovered falsies I was hooked. My favorite falsies brands I’ve used is Ardell and Eyelure. I get mine from Ulta! I especially love Ardell’s glamour lashes (pictured here) cause they literally have made dreams come true. My BIGGEST tip for correctly using falsies is to use them in order. You use eyeliner and mascara first then you lightly place glue on the line. I definitely prefer clear glue. And the you hold it 15-30 seconds until the glue gets tacky, while this is happening im usually rolling them back and forth to add flexability. Take some tweezers, use those to apply and Voila! You’re done!img_20161127_083001

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Hello! My name is Moxie. I live up to my name by having just that, Moxie. I am a self-taught makeup artist that is continually learning! I refer to myself as a tomboy makeup artist. Makeup is my passion and I hope you join me on this journey. It will be one full of learning, teaching, love, failure, triumphs, and of course my favorite makeup looks, the very best dupes, hacks, tips, tricks, and all things lips!

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