Neutral Shadow… Goes with Everything.

Seatbelts. Saving lives and ruining selfies. P.S. I was not driving.

So, I normally only post total glam pictures. But for this blog post, and maybe the next 1 or 2, I decided to hang up my false eyelashes. I also decided to go very natural on the lips. A neutral eyeshadow is always a great go-to. Browns work very well on most eye colors. I have green eyes, and I figured out I personally prefer neutrals for an easy day time look. I love adding purple in there as well. My absolutely FAVORITE neutral eyeshadow pallet is by L.A Girl. Actually, I love the pallet so much that I also got L.A Girl pallets in purple and neon. One big tip I have to say about doing a neutral eye is make sure you use a matte shadow in your crease. It doesn’t reflect the light, therefore making your crease look cleaner, deeper, and more defined. Also please blend it out. Another nice thing about doing a neutral eye during the day, is that all you have to do is throw on some lipstick and you’re ready for the night. Sidenote, I’ve been getting requests for starting a YouTube channel and I want to know your thoughts on it. As always, Love and lipstick to all my babes out there, from me, Moxie 💋

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Hello! My name is Moxie. I live up to my name by having just that, Moxie. I am a self-taught makeup artist that is continually learning! I refer to myself as a tomboy makeup artist. Makeup is my passion and I hope you join me on this journey. It will be one full of learning, teaching, love, failure, triumphs, and of course my favorite makeup looks, the very best dupes, hacks, tips, tricks, and all things lips!

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