Pink Eyeshadow: Fashion Crime or Full of Fun?

So I once let my 5 year old niece pick out my eyeshadow. Of course she picked pink and I made the dreaded “Ugh pink eyeshadow” face. However after I got started I realized how much I loved it! It may have brought me back to highschool but now it looks much better. The key is finding the RIGHT pink. Pink usually looks awful… Or amazing. Rarely is there an inbetween. I used my Profusion matte pallete. It has so many amazing colors, and it’s very reasonably priced. Just remember to find the right color for your skin. I have to go with a deeper pink, so that way it doesn’t make me look tired and it also doesn’t wash out my natural coloring. I hope you enjoy. Ask any questions in the comments, I’ll be glad to answer!                                 ~Love and Lipstick to all.                my babes out there.                        From me, Moxie. 💋

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